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Round Table on Organic Agriculture and Climate Change

Fellow sustainable agriculturalists.

The best thing to come out of the COP15 and Copenhagen so far happened in the Danish Agricultural Council not inside the Bella Center. Many of the premier minds and actors in organic agriculture met to form a pact here in Copenhagen. Dr. Urs Niggli and Dr. Matthias Stolze of FiBL, Dr. Timothy Lasalle of Rodale Institute, Gundola Azeez of Soil Association, Antonio Compagnoni of ICEA, Andre Leu of IFOAM and many more were part of the Round Table on Organic Agriculture and Climate Change for which I was the minute keeper.

The objectives of the Round Table:

  • Initiate, support and facilitate research on organic agriculture and climate change,
  • Advise the international community on organic agriculture and climate change issues,
  • Develop a measurement method to enable reliable quantification and certification of carbon sequestration in organic agriculture.

After our many months of studies in Göttingen and Witzenhausen on agriculture I found myself sitting with them at the table and listening to the proposed actions on getting organic in to the climate change talks. All very exciting.

The first action is in response to the Ad Hoc working group formed in the COP15 and proposed to make comments to the COP by March. IFOAM’s Advocacy Manager Robert Jordan has been elected to carry out this action.

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