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Witzenhausen and Copenhagen

It is nice to be part of a politically active community again.

Witzenhausen is getting ready for the UN Climate Change Conference COP 15 in Copenhagen. When exams are over next week many of the students are headed up there via collective buses, some are hitchhiking and still others are going up with the Mitfahrzentrale.

The Uni Bio website has a lot of information about who is going and when and the student activist community has been reaching out for participants in actions there. The Greenpeace headquarters in Hamburg are very close both geographically and ideologically and many of the students here work and volunteer for them while they study.

The Couchsurfing Witzenhausen group will hopefully soon have some information about the organization of these trips.

Witzenhausen students and various activist groups (including ASeed) will be going from the World Trade Organization(WTO) meetings and protests in Geneva.

Greenpeace Witzenhausen, the WOW group, FSR and LÖLA are also organizing some events related to COP 15.

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