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New Bioneers Free Resource For Mapping Local Food; Energy Systems

635.jpgThe Bioneers community has just announced the release of the Dreaming New Mexico Methods booklet.  Created to fill a gap in the area of “future mapping” for “The Age of Renewables” and “The Age of Local Foodsheds and a Fair Trade State” at the local level.The free Methods booklet, of the Buckminster Fuller Challenge, gives practical tools, insights and tips not only on the complex process of how to map existing systems but also on how to “dream” what Buckminster Fuller called the “preferred state.”

The booklet (downloadable and printable) also offers some tips on social entrepreneurship and important lessons learned.


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Job Search Engine Directory – (Non Profit & International Development)

Here is a draft of The Linked In Group compiled job search site directory to help with the job hunt.

Go to ->

Post additional websites you like and they can consider adding them to the list. they are also collecting recruitment & placement companies for the non profit and philanthropic sectors.

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Compassionate Agriculture

In Bhutan they do not have a word for Organic Agriculture. The word Organic is fraught with so many ills in the area, so many scandals are happening around East Asia that the practice has started to have almost a bad name. Therefore, to describe the concept to the Bhutanese people it is simply called Buddhist Agriculture.

More on that from Helge Helberg