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Paul Stamets and Louis Schwartzberg

Dear Fellow Witzen (Witzig, Winzig) hauseners,

Here is something that you will be hearing about soon enough in your coursework I am sure.

The renowned mycologist, author and visionary Paul Stamets, of Fungi Perfecti, and filmmaker-artist Louis Schwartzberg have teamed up to make a short 3D documentary feature, entitled “Fungal Fantastical: The Spirit of Good”, bringing life to life through time-lapse cinematography in the awe-inspiring old-growth forests of Paul’s Pacific Northwest.

Check it out:


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Compassionate Agriculture

In Bhutan they do not have a word for Organic Agriculture. The word Organic is fraught with so many ills in the area, so many scandals are happening around East Asia that the practice has started to have almost a bad name. Therefore, to describe the concept to the Bhutanese people it is simply called Buddhist Agriculture.

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