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Conservation Master Thesis in Peru

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Transfer payments for environmental conservation – how do indigenous communities benefit?

The master thesis will be carried out in the frame of a GIZ internship in the project: “Proyecto de Conservación de Bosques Comunitarios”, in Lima, Peru
The project supports the Peruvian Ministry of the Environment with the establishment of a transfer payment system, where indigenous communities are financially compensated for their conservation services. This acknowledges their role in protecting the climate and biodiversity and compensates them for their work. The financially weak communities can use these funds to implement their own investment plans and make long-term investments in their own development.

The master thesis will address the livelihood impacts of such transfer payments on participating households using quantitative research methods in the region “Selva Central”, in the department of Junín.

The internship will be starting in January /February 2013 according to GIZ regularities and funding rules. Flight and living costs will be covered by the project. The internship will have duration of 4-6 months; the thesis is supposed to be completed until August 2013. All research activities will be carried out in close coordination with the project leader in Peru. The results are expected to contribute to the projects work agenda.

Applicants should have knowledge about basic tools for the analysis of micro data, be interested in current issues of development and environmental policies, have at least intermediate Spanish language skills, be willing to travel and spend time in remote rural areas, and in the best case, already have experience with smallholder agriculture and / or indigenous communities in Latin America.

Michael Euler, PhD student of Prof. Qaim, has the details.


Author: C. Whitney

I am an Independent consultant working with Organic farmers, wild collectors and conservation oriented communities in SE Asia. - Organic Consultant and Researcher, PhD candidate, Couchsurfing Ambassador, MOFGA Member, IFOAM Member, Organic Group Manager...

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