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Raising Resistance – The Movie

The documentary ‘Raising Resistance’ about the situation of smallholder farmers in Paraguay is touring through Germany. Directed by Bettina Borgfeld and David Bernet, the movie showcases the fight of the ‘campesinos’, the smallholder farmers of Paraguay, against the escalating aggressively expanding production of genetically modified soy in the country. On the basis of this conflict it describes the global impact that the use of most modern genetic engineering in the 21st century has on people and on nature; a parable about the suppression of life, about the diversity of plants and cultures, and about how resistance arises both in people and in nature.


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Sign Petition for a Fair and Ecological Agrarian Policy for the EU

With only a few weeks left to the Rio+20 conference and with view to the reform of the European Common Agricultural Policy 2013, in a joint initiative, the Young Organics,, Youth Food Movement and many other organizations wrote a petition calling for a fair and ecological agrarian policy for the EU.

“Food production and consumption concern every one of us. With multilateral conversations on sustainable development and food production heating up in Brussels and at the highest level of the United Nations bodies, it is now time to act to make our voices heard. We must stand against the undue influence of powerful lobbies and trade groups over our food system. As EU citizens with deep concerns about our current food system and its many failures, we must urge our policy makers to focus on sustainable production and youth as the two pillars that our future food system will be built upon.”

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Young Organics (YO) Launch Organic Pioneer Dialogues and Go Rio+20

Young activists and entrepreneurs met for an organic pioneer dialogue at the Rapunzel Naturkost headquarters in April 2012, where they were given the opportunity to talk about Rapunzel and the future of organic with Joseph Wilhelm, founder and CEO of the company, as well as with sales director Andreas Wenning and fair trade scheme responsible Barbara Altmann. This series of pioneer dialogues, which started October 2011 with a meeting with Christian Hiss, CEO of Regionalwert AG, aims to create and maintain an inspiring dialogue between the Young Organics network and pioneers of the organic, fair trade and slow food movement. The next dialogue round will take place June 2, 2012, in Bonn at the Demeter Farm Gut Ostler with several pioneers of the organic movement, and IFOAM’s Executive Director Markus Arbenz.

With view to Rio+20, YO selected two young activists to be present at the conference, to connect with the global young agriculture and food movements. They will be writing updates on a blog, that will be launched soon.