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Volkswagen Ausflug/ nächster Ausflug/ Geld beantragen

Phaeno Day Trip Invitation.pdf
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Organic Conference in Izmir, Turkey

The 4th International conference on
the organic development in Central/Eastern European and Central Asian countries will take place in Izmir, Turkey!

This year’s conference will focus on organic farming and how to maintain and improve its integrity. As Turkey is one of the leading organic cotton and textile producers, sustainable textiles will be included in the conference.
Organic products can be trusted. The inspection and certification regime is the best the food industry at large has ever experienced. But scandals and fraud cases weaken the integrity
of organic.
Some issues which may later result in
fraudulent actions have their beginning in the failure of successfully implementing organic principles in farming or at any other point of the food chain.

Experiences and challenges in organic quality assurance along the product chain will be discussed from the point of view of producers, processors and certifiers.
This year the conference will be held in parallel to the organic trade fair Ecology Izmir, providing participants the chance for B2B meetings as well as for traders to join the conference.
This year the conference will be held in parallel to the organic trade fair Ecology Izmir, providing participants the chance for B2B meetings as well as for traders to join the conference.

Please note the following dates:

Participate and contribute to the development of the organic movement in the region.

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PROMOS Stipendium

sie können sich bis 31. März 2012 um ein PROMOS Stipendium bewerben, wenn sie zwischen dem 01. Juli und dem 15. Dezember 2012 einen studienrelevanten Auslandsaufenthalt beginnen. Welche Maßnahmen förderfähig sind, entnehmen sie bitte der Homepage Der Förderzeitraum endet am 28. 02. 2013.

Gefördert werden kann max. 1 Semester. Studierende, die einen Aufenthalt über zwei Semester planen, können sich beim DAAD bewerben (Jahresstipendien).

Für ihre Bewerbung (außer Studienreisen) reichen sie bitte folgende Unterlagen bei Herrn Patrick Lajoie ein:

– 2-seitiges PROMOS-Bewerbungsformular

– Motivationsschreiben, dass die Sinnhaftigkeit des geplanten Aufenthalts in Bezug auf das bisherige Studium darlegt (max. 1 Seite)

– Übersicht über bisher erbrachte Prüfungsleistungen

– Tabellarischer Lebenslauf

– ggf. Abschlusszeugnisse in Kopie

– ggf. Sprachnachweise, Nachweis über außerfachliches Engagement, Nachweis über Vorbereitungsmaßnahmen (z.B. Interkulturelle Schulung etc.)

– bei Praktika: Bestätigungsschreiben der Praktikumsstelle mit Angabe der Tätigkeit

Anträge für Studienreisen von mindestens fünf Studierenden/Promovierenden und einem Hochschullehrer bitte mit folgenden Unterlagen bei Studium International (Patrick Lajoie) einreichen: Detaillierte Programmbeschreibung inklusive Zeitplan, Einladungsschreiben der ausländischen Hochschule, Teilnehmerliste, Darstellung der inhaltlichen Vorbereitung der Teilnehmer (z.B. durch verpflichtenden Besuch eines Seminars).

Alle Informationen, Formulare etc. finden sie auch auf der Homepage:

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New Bioneers Free Resource For Mapping Local Food; Energy Systems

635.jpgThe Bioneers community has just announced the release of the Dreaming New Mexico Methods booklet.  Created to fill a gap in the area of “future mapping” for “The Age of Renewables” and “The Age of Local Foodsheds and a Fair Trade State” at the local level.The free Methods booklet, of the Buckminster Fuller Challenge, gives practical tools, insights and tips not only on the complex process of how to map existing systems but also on how to “dream” what Buckminster Fuller called the “preferred state.”

The booklet (downloadable and printable) also offers some tips on social entrepreneurship and important lessons learned.


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Paul Stamets and Louis Schwartzberg

Dear Fellow Witzen (Witzig, Winzig) hauseners,

Here is something that you will be hearing about soon enough in your coursework I am sure.

The renowned mycologist, author and visionary Paul Stamets, of Fungi Perfecti, and filmmaker-artist Louis Schwartzberg have teamed up to make a short 3D documentary feature, entitled “Fungal Fantastical: The Spirit of Good”, bringing life to life through time-lapse cinematography in the awe-inspiring old-growth forests of Paul’s Pacific Northwest.

Check it out:

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Job Search Engine Directory – (Non Profit & International Development)

Here is a draft of The Linked In Group compiled job search site directory to help with the job hunt.

Go to ->

Post additional websites you like and they can consider adding them to the list. they are also collecting recruitment & placement companies for the non profit and philanthropic sectors.

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Compassionate Agriculture

In Bhutan they do not have a word for Organic Agriculture. The word Organic is fraught with so many ills in the area, so many scandals are happening around East Asia that the practice has started to have almost a bad name. Therefore, to describe the concept to the Bhutanese people it is simply called Buddhist Agriculture.

More on that from Helge Helberg