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The future of food and farming

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The IFOAM EU Group announces its seminar on The future of food and farming – what will we eat and what can the CAP and organic agriculture contribute to the future of food and of people to be held in October 20-21, 2011 in Lyon, France. The first day of the lectures, presentation, workshops and discussion will be followed by the excursion to the Drôme area on the second day. Additional excursion is planned in the area of Lyon for the third day (October 22).

The EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is a major instrument in helping to shape European food and farming systems of the future. The reform process began with a public consultation on expectations for reform in April 2010, with the Commission publishing its Communication on the future of CAP in November 2010. Following opinions from the European Council (March 2011) and the European Parliament (June 2011) the European Commission will respond with legislative proposals in the first half of October 2011. The EU budget for the period 2014-2020 will also have implications for the future development of CAP With the implementation of the Lisbon treaty the European Parliament will, for the first time, have an equal role in the decision-making process. Under these new co-decision powers between the EU Council and the Parliament, a final agreement is expected by the end of 2012.

This seminar comes at a crucial point and is intended to give students a greater insight into the CAP reform process and an overview of the different stakeholder positions, lobby strategies and the expertise of the political players. The seminar will focus on the role of organic farming in seeking to make the CAP a policy that delivers on broad EU objectives such as the EU 2020 goals to create smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. The seminar will also reflect Organic Agricultures contribution to the EU objectives in the policy areas efficient resource management, biodiversity and climate change.

The seminar is aimed at students from all EU member states, candidate countries and neighbouring countries with an interest in European food and farming related policies. The objective of the seminar is to raise political awareness and encourage students to become active at a national and European level in this important political process


Author: C. Whitney

I am an Independent consultant working with Organic farmers, wild collectors and conservation oriented communities in SE Asia. - Organic Consultant and Researcher, PhD candidate, Couchsurfing Ambassador, MOFGA Member, IFOAM Member, Organic Group Manager...

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