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European Organic Congress Update: Registration Ends May 22nd!

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EU Hungarian Presidency


Main Sponsors:

European Organic Congress in Gödöllő, Hungary, May 31st to June 1st

“Organic Farming as Opportunity for European Agriculture”

Congress Update:

Registration Ends May 22nd!

The European Organic Congress is fast approaching! With only 18 days left to register, it is the perfect opportunity to arrange all your travel and accommodation needs.

The Hungarian EU Presidency and the IFOAM EU Group are organising the European Organic Congress, “Organic Farming as opportunity for European Agriculture”, which will take place:

Tuesday, May, 31, 2011 – Wednesday, June, 1, 2011

Gödöllő Castle, Gödöllő, Hungary


The conference will provide participants the opportunity to discuss current developments in agriculture and politics with high level policy makers, representatives of the organic food and farming sector as well as experts from scientific, political and practical backgrounds; guided by the question: What policy framework and what impulse does organic farming need in order to be an engine for rural economies and a pioneer for future agriculture?

Experts on the opening panel will deliver a broad picture of where organic agriculture stands today and give prospects for its future role. Olivier de Schutter will present the importance of agro-ecology as food concept for the future demonstrate the development of organic farming in new EU member states (Péter Roszik), elaborate a model for a consistent EU policy framework for organic farming (Stephan Dabbert) and show best practice examples of local processing and marketing as contribution to the development of sustainable rural economies.

High level policy makers will discuss the future of EU policies related to food and farming on the policy leader’s panel: Starting with Sándor Fazekas, host of the event and Hungarian Minister for Rural Development; Dacian Cioloş, European Agriculture Commissioner; Marek Sawicki, Polish Minister for Agrciulture, to take over the chair of the Council of Farm ministers on 1st July this year, and Paolo de Castro, Agriculture Chairman in the European Parliament.

The workshops on the second day will give participants the chance to discuss aspects of sustainable development of rural economies especially in new member states; the future Common Agricultural Policy as well as consistent policy frameworks for Organic farming in more depth.

A final panel discussion, beginning with a key note speech by Jørgen E. Olesen on the future of agriculture in times of climate change and other pressing challenges, will provide the chance to highlight different aspects on the future of agriculture. Excellent panellists that stand for different societal and political fields are a guarantee for a lively debate on the future of food and farming.

(More information regarding the programme can be found on the congress website)

Please take this opportunity to register for the congress.
· For more information regarding the congress please visit the website:,_Hungary.aspx
· To register please follow the following link:
Register Here

For further information, please contact:

Congress Team, IFOAM EU Group
Tel: +32 (0)2 280 12 23, Fax: +32 (0)2 735 73 81, E-mail: congress

Rue du Commerce 124
1000 Brussels
Phone: +32 2 280 11 51
Fax: +32 2 735 7381

European Organic Congress “Organic Farming as Opportunity for European Agriculture” Gödöllő, Hungary – May 31st to June 1st

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The IFOAM EU Group is the European working level within the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements. It brings together more than 300 organisations, associations and enterprises from all EU-27, EFTA and candidate countries. IFOAM´s goal is the worldwide adoption of ecologically, socially and economically sound systems that are based on the principles of Organic Agriculture.

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Author: C. Whitney

I am an Independent consultant working with Organic farmers, wild collectors and conservation oriented communities in SE Asia. - Organic Consultant and Researcher, PhD candidate, Couchsurfing Ambassador, MOFGA Member, IFOAM Member, Organic Group Manager...

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