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Rural Living in Germany

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A little Tuesday morning note about the lifestyle in the tiny town of Witzenhausen Germany.

Classes are wrapping up and we have all become a little more reclusive. The temperature has dropped radically and we are all preparing for exams and finalizing papers for the next two weeks. This is a small town with all the benefits and drawbacks of rural living. Here in Witzenhausen we have a party every couple of weeks and otherwise see each other rarely.

At our desks between classes and exams we write and read and watch the birds flutter around between the fat snow flakes eating from the meisenkornchen and bird boxes. We don’t get to see many people and parties but the ones we do see we know well. We get to know our farmers and have good local food.

Here is a poem about small towns and rural living I heard Garrison Keillor read recently.

Small Town

by Philip Booth

<!– (from Lifelines: Selected Poems 1950-1999) –>

You know.
The light on upstairs
before four every morning. The man
asleep every night before eight.
What programs they watch. Who
traded cars, what keeps the town
The town knows. You
know. You’ve known for years over
drugstore coffee. Who hurts, who
Why, today, in the house
two down from the church, people
you know cannot stop weeping.

“Small Town” by Philip Booth, from Lifelines: Selected Poems 1950-1999. © Penguin Group, 1999.

Relish more small town-ness:

There are some good resource for small town information on ‘Small Town Newspaper‘ the ‘Rural Life Center’ and of course through Maine Organic Farmer’s and Gardener’s Association (MOFGA) and the Common Ground Country Fair.


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One thought on “Rural Living in Germany

  1. lovely poem…Thanks Cory

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