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Finding a Flat in Witzenhausen

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Market Day in Witzenhausen

Market Day in Witzenhausen

Witzenhausen, Witzehausen Witzenhausen.

My friends in Bonn have told me that the nickname is Witzig Hausen (joke ville). But they all wax poetic about the town in the cherry season, the farm fresh food and the surrounding nature.

I have had little time to invest in preparation for my studies in Witzenhausen with the excuse that I work as a part time consultant but the truth is that adventures in the last days of non-student status in Europe have been a hindrance.

I went a week ago to Witzenhausen for the second time, the first visit was to see the University and to look for a flat. This time I went to see a house and sign the rental agreement. For the little effort I put in to tthe search I was exceedingly lucky. I was contacted by an 85 year old woman who owns a house in the center of town with a large garden and a balcony, she talked to me for a while about the different kinds of fruit trees she has there and the things she is growing in her garden. Her daughter called me later in the day to talk in English about the specifics of the flat and the arrangement.

Witzenhausen is a clear choice for me. It is possible to get by as a student living in Göttingen roughly half of the courses are offered there and the city is much larger (160 vs 20 thousand). I am moving from Bonn and find Göttingen to be a poor substitute. Witzenhusen on the other hand is a whole different animal. Witzenhausen is a quintessential small German town with old timber-frame houses and stone churches, elderly people sitting in chairs in the square, little coffee shops and old monasteries. What’s more the staff of the Sustainable International Agriculture program as well as the majority of the students and the interesting graduates and farmers of the region are in Witzenhausen.

The website for student flats in Germany is it seems, though, that the best way to find a flat is to post a few notes on the Witzenhausen boards around campus.

To those COA students reading this I should put a disclaimer here, living in Göttingen is roughly equivalent to living off the island to study at COA. It is a mere 25 minute drive but by European standards that is significant.

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